Knife sheath

The perfect protection for a perfect tool:

The GÜDE protective knife sheath

Made of premium, high-quality tanned cowhide, the protective blade cover not only protects the sharp blade of the bread knife from mechanical influences, for instance drawers, but also your hands from accidental contact. An absolute must for everyone that has a GÜDE bread knife with serrated blade!

Leather sheath for bread knives up to 32 cm blade length
5200/32 cm – 21,00 Euro

  • messerschutz-lang

Leather sheath für Chef's knife and Santoku up to 21 cm blade length
5200/21 cm – 18,00 Euro

  • messerschutz-kurz

Leather sheath for Chai Dao and Shark up to 16 cm blade length
5200/16 B – 21,00 Euro

  • messerschutz-shark

Leather sheath für paring knives up to 16 cm blade length
5200/16 cm – 13,00 Euro

  • messerschutz-spick

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