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With THE KNIFE. we have already revolutionized the cutting experience. With SYNCHROS we continue the evolution! The name says it all – SYNCHROS synchronizes hand and knife and, thanks to its innovative design, enables a flexible handle position for universal use.


A completely new cutting experience.

  * innovative handle design
  * novel raised grip position
  * always the same handle size
  * continuous underlying tang
  * massive convex wooden handle made from smoked oak
  * smooth transition between handle and blade
  * forged from one piece
  * ground through blade
  * slightly convex shape of the blade

Four blade designs for (almost) all applications.


GÜDE SYNCHROS Chef´s Knife S805/23
UVP: € 229,-

GÜDE SYNCHROS Utility Knife S805/14
UVP: € 189,-

GÜDE SYNCHROS Slicer S765/26
UVP: € 219,-

GÜDE SYNCHROS Bread Knife S431/32
UVP: € 249,-


Download: SYNCHROS brochure


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