Care and Maintenance

A Few Care Tips

Please follow these few easy rules to help insure your Güde knives give you years of service and enjoyment

Clean your knife after each use with a damp cloth!

    1. Never put your knife away without wiping it clean – specially after cutting acidic foods.
    2. Never use acidic or abrasive cleansers to scrub your knife.
    3. Knives with wooden grips are NEVER to be washed in the dishwasher or left soaking in standing water!
    4. Never store your knife loose in a drawer.
    5. Never use a cutting surface made from stone or ceramic as these will dull or damage the cutting edge.

    Resharpening Service

    Storage Tips:

    Kitchen knives should always be stored in a handy place, ready for immediate use. For home kitchens the best storage solution is a suitable Knife Block which should be of solid construction and made from a material suitable to the knives such as wood. If there isn't enough counter space for a Knife Block, a wall mounted magnetic knife holder may be a good alternative.

    Please avoid storing your knives loose in a drawer. This can lead to serious damage and dulling of the razor sharp cutting edge as well as damage to the grips.