Karl Güde opens his first production workshop for the manufacture of cutlery. This was the era when Solingen was home to over 9,000 (mostly small) companies manufacturing cutting instruments and it was the period in which the now legendary Solingen reputation for quality was born. Right from the start, Karl Güde produced only finely crafted, drop forged knives which were hand ground with individually fitted grip scales and hand sharpened cutting edges. Güde knives began as some of the finest Solingen cutlery – a tradition that continues today.

Franz Güde – Karl Güde's son – takes over as director of the company, continuing to follow the high quality standards set by his father. Franz is particularly concerned with developing new grinding techniques and edge geometries.

The Palms
In 1923 Güde adopted the Three Palms Trademark which has become a world famous symbol of Solingen quality. We are often asked, "Why palm trees for a German Cutlery firm?" Perhaps in remembrance on a long forgotten trip to exotic lands? Or as tribute to the booming South American market of the 1920's? Unfortunately an exact answer to this question has been lost over the generations and remains shrouded in mystery.

Franz Güde invents a revolutionary cutting edge design for circular machine knives found in bread and cold cut slicing machines. This edge geometry is still widely used on the circular knives in industrial food processing machines today.

The firm moves into new quarters in a former drop forging workshop in the Katternberger Strasse – which remains the firm's location today.   

Franz Güde is the inventor of the “Güde serrated blade”, a serrated blade with pointed teeth. A serrated blade with pointed teeth considerably increases the cutting ability and durability.   

Franz D. Güde takes over the company from his father Franz Güde, continuing the family tradition of quality into the third generation. Güde remains one of the few firms able to continue making high quality, hand crafted cutlery in an age when automated, mass production seem to be taking over the industry.   

Dr. Karl Peter Born – grandson of Franz Güde – steps up to the helm, leading the firm in the time honored tradition of his forefathers: small production runs with extremely high quality standards and classic, timeless designs – resulting in knives with a unique, functional elegance.

Güde's sharpening steel 7006/32 receives the prestigious "Design Plus Prize".

Güde's Damascus Chef's Knife is honored with Germany's most prestigious "Red Dot Design Award".

The large model Bread Knife receives the "Design Plus Prize".

The Chai-Dao Knife becomes the next Güde knife to be honored with the annual "Red Dot Design Award".

Dr. Karl Peter Born assumes sole ownership of Franz Güde GmbH

Güde's striking Herb Knife "Shark" receives the "Red Dot Design Award". The entire "Alpha Barrel Oak Series" of knives designed and developed in cooperation with star cook Harald Rüssel also receives the "Red Dot Design Award".

The GÜDE Alpha range has won the coveted Busse Longlife Design Award.


The family company is celebrating its one hundredth birthday. A very special anniversary range has been created for this occasion: the Delta range!


We are rediscovering the chef’s knife


THE KNIFE. has already won its fourth important international honour, with the worldwide recognised design prize.


A new era is beginning. After THE KNIFE. we continue the evolution with


Shortly after market launch, the range was promptly given the ICONIC AWARD 2019.

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