Exclusive Series

German knives‘ Design at its best – discover our exclusive knife series

Unique knifes for an absolute unique cooking experience. With our knives we always have been and always will be thriving for the best. For more than a 100 years, GÜDE has been manufacturing high-quality German knives in small quantities by hand in Solingen, Germany. If you love our Alpha, Kappa and Delta series, you will be obsessed about our exclusively designed knife series…

Idea, design, shape – highest quality knives handmade in Solingen

Traditionally forged and grounded German knives: A GÜDE design is a guarantee for an exclusive cooking experience that can be passed down through generations. As all of our knife series, our exclusives series are 100% handmade in our Solingen manufactory in Germany. From the idea to the design up to the forging, grinding and polishing – all lays in our hands.

Extraordinary and always unique – made in Solingen, Germany

We stay true to our tradition. As one of the oldest German knife brands, we want to forward our knowledge on high-quality knife crafting further – like the grandfathers and fathers of GÜDE already did. Every knife undergoes more than 55 manual steps in our Solingen manufactory and is inspected with waking eyes – no automated machinery is needed but dexterity, passion and time. That is why each knife, of our standard as well as of our exclusive series, is always a beautiful one of a kind.

Award-winning German knife design, shape & function

German Design Award, Good Design Award, German manufactory-product of the year 2019 – the list of recognition for our German knives goes on. This is due to the fact that we not only seek to create beautiful, never before seen knives, but because we put a major focus on the function of each one of them. We observe, measure and analyze: how we hold a knife, how the knife fits the anatomy of our hands and cutting movements and how we achieve the best cutting result.  The outcome of a well-designed and manufactured knife should be a perfect balance between all the important components.

SYNCHROS, THE KNIFE., Damascus Steel knives –

discover the finest product among German knife brands

Maybe you have already heard about some of our popular German knives from our exclusive series: SYNCHROS, THE KNIFE. or one of our Damascus Steel knives? They surprise and convince due to their incomparable design, materials of the highest quality and their exceptional sharpness and function. Discover the finest of German knife brands – find your new knife obsession among our exclusive GÜDE knife series made in Solingen.

Brotmesser Damaststahl, Solingen, Messer