Briccole di Venezia

The Material

Made of premium stainless knife steel and perfected in more than 40 manual process steps in time honored Solingen tradition, the EDITION BRICCOLE DI VENEZIA is distinguished by the use of wood from Venetian gondola posts (Briccole). These posts are replaced approximately every 100 years and a few of them found their way to Solingen; with this limited special edition, Güde conveys the unique flair of the lagoon metropolis to the kitchen.

This wood has a very long history. The handles are made of the wood of Venetian gondola piles (Briccole). The piles are replaced every 100 years and some of them found their way to Solingen, where they brought the incomparable flair of Venetian lagoons into the kitchen.

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  • Chef’s paring knife 83 €

    10cm blade length / V764/10

    83 €

    Chef’s paring knife
  • Bread knife 233 €

    32cm blade length / V431/32

    233 €

    Bread knife
  • Slicing knife 139 €

    21cm blade length / V765/21

    139 €

    Slicing knife
  • Chef’s knife 179 €

    21cm blade length / V805/21

    179 €

    Chef’s knife