Damascus Steel

Each Güde Damascus knife is individually crafted from two types of carbon tool steel, one tough and elastic, the other extremely hard, which are hammer forged together and folded over many times so that each knife finally consists of over 300 layers of steel. Forging knives of this traditional "Random Pattern" Damascus may take up to several days per knife and involves working the steel under a 1.5 ton mechanical hammer until each knife is forged to perfection. A further fifty steps in the production process are needed before each Güde Damascus Knife is at last completed. Each of these unique knives is individually fitted with grips of the finest fossilized Desert Ironwood. These knives are not stainless and must never be cleaned in a dishwasher.

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  • Chef’s paring knife 740 €

    10cm blade length / DA 7764/10

    740 €

    Chef’s paring knife
  • Bread knife 4.880,00 €

    32cm blade length / DA 7431/32

    4.880,00 €

    Bread knife
  • Slicing knife 1.200,00 €

    21cm blade length / DA 7765/21

    1.200,00 €

    Slicing knife
  • Chef’s knife 1.390,00 €

    21cm blade length / DA 7805/21

    1.390,00 €

    Chef’s knife
  • Santoku n/a €

    18cm blade length / DA 7746/18

    n/a €

  • Chai Dao 1.900,00 €

    16cm Blade length / DA 7742/16

    1.900,00 €

    Chai Dao