Knife Series


German knives manufactured with passion

Make cooking great again! Discover our world of high-quality design cooking made in Solingen. We are convinced that in a kitchen, you need more than just a knife. Our GÜDE knife series provide you with perfectly and well balanced cutting tools for absolutely every task in the kitchen.

German knives for extraordinary cooking experiences

Cooking should not be a necessity, but a pleasure. With our German knives we are pursuing this idea since the beginning of our company history.

The German way of making high-quality knives

To produce forged knives in highest quality and small quantities by hand was, is and will remain the philosophy of our company – for four generations and without any compromises. We feel committed to the centuries-old art of German knives’ making, which has established the reputation of the city of Solingen.

The new standard of kitchen knives – made in Solingen

In our Solingen family-run manufacture, our goal is to constantly review and improve our work and the function of our knives. Over the course of the years and with our German knives’ manufacturing knowledge that has been traditionally transferred over the GÜDE generations, we’ve established a new knife standard in Germany as well as worldwide. Our knife series Alpha, Kappa, Delta and the famous breadknife are some of the results of our hard work, skill and tradition that we are very proud of.

Which GÜDE knife series is yours?

The perfect knife. To find it is not an easy task. It is not unusual to get lost in the long line of German knives’ brands. Our focus is to create a perfect balance between material, use and cutting object as well as the fusion between knife and the person to hold the knife. This is why we know, a single series does not fit every hobby or professional cook. They need to be adjusted to the respective way of preparing and cooking. Due to this idea, we’ve designed different series with different focuses. Ideally, you hold the knife in your hands and try it before purchasing it. On this matter, we recommend you to check out our store locator to find the nearest distributor where to test your new knife in a professional environment.