Resharpening Service

Professionals and many amateur chefs have made it their habit to draw their knife over sharpening steel before every work step because of their love for good tools and are thrilled every time when the sharp knife makes every cut seem like slicing through butter even after years. (See "Good knives need sharpening steel" brochure too.)

Customers who do not treat their knives as professionally and do not use sharpening steel as consistently will have to reckon with a loss in cutting ability at some point.

If the cutting edge and cutting angle (35 degrees) have been severely impaired, our resharpening service offers quick assistance.

It is best to send the knives back to where they came from: to the Güde workshop.

We are well equipped to return Güde knives to the razor sharp cutting quality you know and expect in no time at all.

The costs

Up to 10 cm blade length:12,20 €
Up to 21 cm13,70 €
Over 21 cm17,40 €
"Franz Güde" bread knife:26,40 €


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