Resharpening Service

Because of their love for good tools, each time before using a knife, professionals and many hobby cooks have the habit of drawing the knife along the sharpening steel and, even after many years, are still thrilled when the sharp knife cuts through products as smoothly and easily as if they were butter. (See our brochure “Good knives need the sharpening steel”.)

Customers who do not treat their knives so professionally or use the sharpening steel so consistently must expect the cutability to diminish at some stage.
When cutting edge and cutting edge angle (35 degrees) and, thus, the functionability have become impaired, our resharpening service offers quick assistance.

Just send the knives back to where they came from – the Güde factory. We are well equipped to return to your Güde knives the razor-sharp cutting quality you know and expect.


Up to a blade length of 10 cm:11,50€
Up to 21 cm:13,00€
Over 21 cm:16,50€
“Franz Güde” bread knife:24,90€