The Knife from GÜDE – The (Re-)Discovery of Cutting

Even at first glance, it is clear that The Knife doesn’t have much in common with a conventional chef’s knife. In fact, its seemingly short handle and noticeably large blade with a very wide back, which can only be achieved in a forged knife, are more reminiscent of a designer object.

Nevertheless, as soon as you have actually worked with The Knife, you will realise that this isn’t just an example of breathtaking beauty, but also, and above all, a kitchen tool boasting unique handling. The Knife fits into your hand just like a professional chef holds a chef’s knife, with your thumb and index finger forming a “U” and safely grasping the blade while your middle finger ‘parks itself’ comfortably in the finely worked indentation at the back of the blade. The centre of gravity therefore lies exactly in the palm of your hand and enables fatigue-free cutting.
The fact that the knife contains nothing but flowing lines and no disturbing transitions automatically guarantees the right grasp and comfortable hand support at all times.

Cooking with The Knife really is more enjoyable than just looking at it!

Animation THE KNIFE.