Our THE KNIFE. was awarded with the German Design Award in the category Excellent Product Design – Kitchen. THE KNIFE. also won a “special mention” in the category kitchen.
Even at first glance, it is clear that THE KNIFE. doesn’t have much in common with a conventional chef’s knife. In fact, its seemingly short handle and noticeably large blade with a very wide back, which can only be achieved in a forged knife, are more reminiscent of a designer object.

THE KNIFE. was designed by Bernd Müller and Lennart Lessmann and manufactured by GÜDE.

The Jury Statement:
GÜDE has carefully analysed how chefs hold and use a knife. Thumb and forefinger form a U and securely grip the blade made of high-quality stainless steel, which is widening towards the rear. The middle finger rests comfortably in the characteristic notch at the end of the blade. The centre of gravity is shifted to the palm of the hand. This shortens the lever length, the force of the hand acts straight downwards, and blade and handle become one. As a result, THE KNIFE offers an optimal grip, maximum safety and perfect handling.