We revolutionised cutting with THE KNIFE. We are continuing the evolution with SYNCHROS! The name says it all – SYNCHROS synchronises the hand and knife and enables a flexible gripping position for universal use thanks to its innovative design.

A totally new cutting experience.

  *    Innovative handle design
  *   Cutting-edge higher gripping position
  *   Always the same handle size
  *   Continuous shank underneath
  *   Convex solid smoked oak wooden handle
  *   Smooth transition between the handle and blade
  *   Forged from one piece
  *   Ground blade on bolster
  *   Slightly curved grind

Four bland designs for (almost) all applications.

GÜDE SYNCHROS Kochmesser, Chef´s Knife S805/23
UVP: € 229,-

GÜDE SYNCHROS Zubereitungsmesser, Utility Knife S805/14
UVP: € 189,-

GÜDE SYNCHROS Tranchiermesser, Slicer S765/26
UVP: € 219,-

GÜDE SYNCHROS Brotmesser, Bread Knife S431/32
UVP: € 249,-

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