On September 2, 2023, it's that time again: from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., the Solingen Cutlery Saturday will take place, this year already in its 15th edition.

Due to personnel challenges, the Niegeloh company will unfortunately not be able to participate this Saturday. will not be able to participate this Saturday. We ask for your understanding.

On this day, the gates will be opened for the fifteenth time to offer you exclusive insights into the production of high-quality Solingen manufactories.

Experience live and from the point of view of the company owners, how the production of cutlery has changed until today.

Enjoy the partly homemade culinary offer and take the chance to save with the special offers of the producers.

An extraordinary day for the whole family!

Note: Of course, the event will take place according to the current Corona guidelines. If there are any serious changes, we will of course keep you informed.