Strop Smoked Oak Grain Leather/Split Leather

With a blunt knife, either the bevel angle is not sharp enough or the surface of the bevel is too rough - or both. The bevel angle and the surface of the bevel should therefore be restored as perfectly as possible so that the knife can master its cutting tasks as it did on the first day Restore the bevel angle and smooth the bevel surface If the bevel angle is restored with the help of a sharpening rod, for example, you will notice that the surface of the bevel is much rougher than on a new knife. It must therefore be additionally smoothed. A barber uses a leather strop to smooth the surface of the blade before each shave. The leather is used to remove the finest irregularities and polish the blade. It glides better, avoids skin irritation, is sharper and cuts better.


Two sides: Coarse split leather, smooth grain leather

This is exactly the purpose of the new strop from G├ťDE. The body made of fine smoked oak is covered on both sides with vegetable-tanned cowhide. One side is covered with coarse split leather, the other side with smooth grain leather, the upper side of the cowhide. In order to remove the finest unevenness and any burrs that may be present from re-sharpening, the burr is first pulled off several times over the rough side of the strop in the direction of the back of the blade. Subsequent repeated honing over the fine grain leather side of the strop polishes the burr. There is a hole at the end of the handle for storage. A string or butcher's hook can be inserted here and the strop hung up. By the way: The strop from G├ťDE is not coated so that a grinding or polishing paste can be applied if necessary.