Professionals and many amateur chefs have made it a habit, out of love for good tools, to pull the knife over the sharpening steel before every operation and are still pleased every time, years later, when the sharp knife makes every cut seem playfully easy. (See also our brochure "Good knives need sharpening steel").

Customers who do not treat their knives so professionally and use the sharpening steel so consistently must expect the cutting ability to diminish at some point.

If the cutting edge and the cutting edge angle (approx. 33 degrees) and thus the functionality has been severely impaired, our honing service offers a quick remedy.

It is best to send the knives back to where they came from: to the G├╝de workshop.

We are equipped to restore G├╝de knives to a very good cutting ability at short notice.


Up to 10 cm blade length: 15,40 ÔéČ
Up to 21 cm 17,20 ÔéČ
26 cm 21,80 ÔéČ
Bread knife "Franz G├╝de": 30,30 ÔéČ

All prices include postage for return shipping within the EU!

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