Care products

Caring for knives - but how?

Of course, knives should be resharpened regularly, ideally with a GÜDE sharpening rod, so that they can reliably master their daily cutting tasks. However, high-quality knives, such as those from GÜDE, not only need to be sharpened, but also cared for. Then they will provide a lifetime of faithful service.

But what is important in the proper care of high-quality knives? Which care products are best to use? To answer these questions, GÜDE has developed the following care products in cooperation with specialists:

Proper care of high-quality knives begins with thorough cleaning of the blade and handle immediately after use. This prevents aggressive substances in the food, such as acids, from attacking the blade steel and the knife handle from becoming unsightly and slippery due to grease and dirt. It goes without saying that knives should not be cleaned in the dishwasher, but only by hand.

The GÜDE knife cleaner is equally suitable for handle and blade. Thanks to a pH value of 9.5, it reliably removes food acids and cleans hygienically. The GÜDE knife cleaner is odourless so that no fragrances can settle on the knife or even on food.

GÜDE Knife Cleaner can be diluted 1:5000 (1 ml to 5 litres of water) in the rinsing water. The GÜDE knife cleaner can also be used by spraying the knife briefly and then rinsing it under running water. Then dry the knife with a soft cloth - done.

Safety Data Sheet Knife Cleaner

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Once the blade has been cleaned, ideally with the GÜDE knife cleaner, it should be protected as best as possible from future influences. The GÜDE blade oil is suitable for all types of knife blades. It can be used for stainless blade steel as well as for Damascus or carbon steel.

The GÜDE blade oil protects the blade of a knife from corrosion by sealing it with oxygen. It is acid-free and provides hygienic care. The GÜDE blade oil is based on medically pure white oil. It is food-safe, tasteless and odourless.

Apply a thin film sparingly and evenly to the clean blade with a soft cloth - done.

Safety Data Sheet Blade Oil

Art. no. 5911/00 € 12,-

Even dense and strong wood has pores that can absorb moisture and dirt. To prevent this, wooden handles should be regularly preserved with GÜDE Handle Wood Oil after cleaning with GÜDE Knife Cleaner.

The GÜDE grip wood oil protects the wood from moisture and dirt and thus prevents premature ageing. The natural grain of the wood is emphasised and staining is prevented. The wood looks as good as new after treatment with GÜDE Handle Wood Oil.

Apply sparingly to the clean and dry wooden handle with a soft cloth. After a maximum of 20 minutes, rub thoroughly dry. Wash hands after use - done.

Attention! Fire hazard! Keep away from children!
The GÜDE grip wood oil is based on linseed oil. Cloths with linseed oil residues tend to self-ignite under certain circumstances. After use, either store the oil-soaked cloth in an airtight screw-top jar or allow it to dry in a controlled manner before disposal.

Safety Data Sheet Handle Wood Oil

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