Knives Solingen, G├╝de knives, chef's knives Solingen, knife set, sharpening steel, solinger knives

THE KNIFE. - ennobled in New Zealand.

Good products find their lovers all over the world. In the age of social media, people post what they can in the digital world, they like, they comment...

This, however, is a real-world story that happened over the greatest distance imaginable on our planet. Almost 40 hours by plane with at least three stops is the result of research on the internet, over 18,500 km are calculated on to get to the Pelorus River on the South Island of New Zealand.

Knives Solingen, G├╝de knives, chef's knives Solingen, knife set, sharpening steel, solinger knives

Jade find on the Pelorus River.

Cook with art

From there, we received word from Adam White, a chef and avid user of THE KNIFE. "This is an impressive tool in the kitchen," says Adam White, "whether at home or in a commercial kitchen, it generates respect and other chefs are in awe when they admire THE KNIFE." Now Adam White is not only a passionate chef, but also a passionate jewellery artist who is dedicated to the material jade. So what could be more obvious than to bring his two preferences together. And so Adam asked the managing director of G├ťDE, Karl-Peter Born, to send him a blade from THE KNIFE. to the Pelorus River. This river in the Marlborough sounds region on the South Island of New Zealand is not only an insider's tip for tourists, it is also a veritable treasure trove of the popular greenstone, jade.

As soon as he held the blade from THE KNIFE. in his hand, Adam set to work and provided the Solingen forge with a handle of precious jade in perfect craftsmanship on the other side of the world.

The result - meanwhile back in Solingen - is of outstanding beauty. Almost too beautiful to work with. So the cooking artist Adam also enthuses, not without pride, about his handiwork: "Anyone who has tried THE KNIFE. for themselves will certainly find that there is no compromise, no substitute, that is even remotely comparable."
Karl-Peter Born was also immediately impressed by the precision with which Adam harmonised the blade steel and the jade handle. And so the question now arose for the Solingen-based knife manufacturer whether to include THE KNIFE. with a jade handle in its range. To date, there are versions in damask, carbon or classic blade steel with handles made of olive, oak or grenadilla. "Adam has done a super job. We have therefore decided to make it a special limited edition to mark our 111th anniversary this year," says the G├ťDE managing director happily.

Knives Solingen, G├╝de knives, chef's knives Solingen, knife set, sharpening steel, solinger knives

Adam grinds the jade handle.

Tool or art object

Cooking with THE KNIFE. is much nicer than just looking at it. But when you hold Adam's masterpiece in your hands, the question arises: tool or art object?
Because everything about this knife is really extraordinary. The short handle allows the user to grip the knife much further forward than normal. So far forward that the thumb and forefinger enclose the blade. The blade becomes an (almost) natural extension of the hand. A secure grip and precise guidance are guaranteed. The hand automatically sits above the blade and not behind it. This ensures a shorter lever and thus better power transmission. And the blade is ground through to the end and extended backwards to below the handle. For the professional or amateur chef, this means: cutting where the force is applied, supported by a weight distribution that THE KNIFE. virtually drops into the food to be cut.

Adam's enthusiasm for THE KNIFE. culminates in his call to friends of honest craftsmanship and passionate cooking: "Join me in the passion, the urge to create beautiful food, and enjoy it every time you hold this amazing tool in your hand."

More enthusiasm is hardly possible.