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We revolutionised cutting with THE KNIFE. We are continuing the evolution with SYNCHROS! The name says it all – SYNCHROS synchronises the hand and knife and enables a flexible gripping position for universal use thanks to its innovative design.

A totally new cutting experience.

* Innovative handle design
* Cutting-edge higher gripping position
* Always the same handle size
* Continuous shank underneath
* Convex solid smoked oak wooden handle
* Smooth transition between the handle and blade
* Forged from one piece
* Ground blade on bolster
* Slightly curved grind

Four blade designs for (almost) all applications.

Download: SYNCHROS brochure

Smoked oak

Oak wood is a very heavy and hard wood generally. The tree can be grown up to 2,000 years old, and stands out due to its often gnarled tree structure. 
Smoked oak is an oak wood with a modified colour, which is gassed with ammonia or ammonia water during “smoking”. This creates a brown to dark brown or black colour, whereby the natural colour variants are retained by the percentage of tannins in the wood.

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  • Chef’s knife 236 €


    236 €

    Chef’s knife
  • Utility Knife 195 €


    195 €

    Utility Knife
  • Carving Knife 226 €


    226 €

    Carving Knife
  • Bread knife 257 €


    257 €

    Bread knife
  • Knife block smoked oak

    • Material: oak wood
    • dimensions ca: 44 x 15 x 9 cm
    • weight: 2,0 kg
    • width slots: 5 mm, depth slots: ca. 3,5 cm
    • Knife block with knives: 1236 €
    • Knife block without knives: 350 €

    Knife block smoked oak