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Perfectly informed and balanced: Tradition and innovation at G├ťDE-knife-blog

As a traditional company that has defied globalisation and has been making knives with passion and honest craftsmanship for four generations, we know our trade like the inside of our leather apron pocket. We are proud to inspire knife lovers around the world with our blades and have a lot to report on them - you can find current topics from the G├ťDE manufactory and what the world thinks of it in our knife blog.

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Blacksmithing from Solingen

For optimal handling and cutting pleasure, it is important that a knife fits its owner not only visually, but also haptically and ergonomically. Our knife series offer the right handle for every hand, the right appearance for every eye and above all: the right blade for every item to be cut. To achieve this, we work with the highest quality and partly special materials that make every use a special experience.

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Our knife series

We value individuality - especially in the development and optimisation of our knife series. This is reflected in every single blade that leaves our manufactory, in the selection of particularly beautiful and tactile handle materials and a unique ergonomic design that fluently enables and celebrates fast, precise work. Knife Solingen.

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Service & Care

Special knives need special attention so that they can provide a lifetime of cooking pleasure. In addition to our exclusive honing service, we therefore also offer a wide range of tips and tricks on care, storage and more. No compromises for four generations - G├╝de Knives Solingen.

Service & Care

Knife knowledge

G├ťDE- Knives from Solingen are real specialities, and there are some exciting details to learn about their blades, handles, workmanship and handling. From the selection of the right steel, its processing and care to cutting techniques and the significance of our famous palm rivets, nothing worth knowing should remain undiscovered here.

Knife knowledge

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Our hands make knives for your hands - and they do so with passion and, depending on the type of knife, in up to 55 work steps, which we certainly don't want to deprive you of.

Experience manufactory work

We are knifemakers by tradition, experience and passion

...N-TV has also recognised this and visited us in 2019 for a documentary in our manufactory in Solingen . So sharpen your eye for fire, power and steel and the story behind the name "G├╝de".